A dark xcode theme I’m using, needs the Proggy Tiny font.download

A dark xcode theme I’m using, needs the Proggy Tiny font.

Batch renaming in unix

Suppose you want to change all files called xxSomething to yySomething
here is a unix/linux command to do it in a batch

ls xx*.* | awk ‘{print(“mv “$1” “$1)}’ | sed ‘s/xx/yy/2’ | /bin/sh

removing the | /bin/sh just lists the mv commands that will be called.


There is a useful XCode instrument, called Zombies that helps discovering over released objects.

To enable Zombies it’s necessary to set an environment variable NSZombieEnabled to YES in the executable info:
( right click executable -> Get Info -> Arguments ).

But It seems that by enabling this feature, the executable will start leaking memory!
( I guess there is a good reason for calling the feature ZOMBIE )

Today I was checking the memory usage of an app I’m working on, and was seeing it grow at about 600kb a second.
After an hour or more looking for possible memory leaks, I finally realized that I had forgotten the NSZombieEnabled flag set.

This post is for remembering next time!

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